Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical with a variety of features and applications. This chemical is used in paper industry, hygienic industry, pharmacy, paint, and other industries and the reason for this variation in different industries is related to its specific features and different concentrations which is given in table 1. This chemical is widely used in industrial- and food-grades with different concentrations ranging from 30% and 70%.



Iran Hidrojen peroksit
The universal use of hydrogen peroxide in different grades in different industries is given below:



1Chemical and petrochemical industryIndustrial grade30% – 70&
2Cosmetics, hygienic, and pharmacyPharmaceutical grade35% – 50%
3Food processing industryFood grade35% – 50%
4PaperIndustrial grade35% – 50%
5Textile and coloringIndustrial grade35% – 50%
6ElectroplatingIndustrial grade35% – 50%
7MetallurgyIndustrial grade35%
8Paint industryIndustrial grade
9ElectronicsIndustrial grade30% – 32%
10Environmental careIndustrial grade35%



About 90% of hydrogen peroxide in the world is produced using autoxidation anthraquinone method. In other words, all the universal methods of producing this material uses autoxidation process and other methods are outdated. It can be said that this reaction occurs according to the following diagram:
Iran Hidrojen peroksid
Other name of Hydrogen Peroxide:


بيروكسيد الهيدروجين , فوق أكسيد الهيدروجين , الماء الأكسجيني , ماء الأوكسجين


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